We know that cigars create great bonding experiences, great moments in time, and time that can’t be replicated, because each cigar creates an opportunity for a whole new life changing moment. Tell us about your moment in time, the experience you’ll never forget while smoking a cigar. We’d love to hear about it and share it, because that’s what families do.

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Growing up, the people who smokes cigars were the people who had cigar money. They drove nice cars, played golf on the Moon and you could just see the mark left by the monocle over their eyes. It always seemed to me that you started smoking cigars once you made it big.

I have been smoking tobacco in various forms since my early teens, and the week that my son was born I prayed to be delivered from smoking cigarettes. I want to be there to see my boy grow up. I have not craved a cigarette since that day, and can truly say that pipes and cigars are a hobby, not an addiction. I took up pipe smoking because I had smoked a pipe in my teens, and had always enjoyed it. I began searching everything I could about pipe smoking on YouTube and Instagram; slowly working my way into the community. Even when I began treating pipe smoking as a hobby, collecting different pipes and different tobaccos, cigars were still a toy for the rich.

I began collecting bourbon and whiskey around the time I began with the pipes, and eventually started buying Cigar Aficionado and Cigar and Spirits magazine for lack of pipe magazines on local shelves.

It is strange how the mind can change over time and we become the people we never thought we could or would be. My cigar journey is not long established, but it is long in the making. The joy that I get from learning about, window shopping and smoking cigars is real, and I would not trade it for the world.

The first cigar I smoked and was truly able to taste was an Alec Bradley Black Market. The smoke was cool, the draw even and the taste reminded me of the many farm houses and museums I have visited. I have enjoyed every cigar I have ever smoked for the experience, whether with friends or on a calm evening, but the Black Market was the first cigar that captured my senses and made me realize that it is not the upper echelon rich people who smoke cigars, it is cigar people who smoke cigars. I can't wait to try every cigar on the market, but that first Alec Bradley will always be the one that started me off right.

Scott ~ Maryland

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I can't remember the first cigar I ever smoked since it's been a long time and there have been many sticks since then. Different brands, strengths, profiles, and preferences. However I do remember the first 'good' cigar I had.

My friend had returned from a trip out of the country and had brought me back some amazing Cubans. I remember smoking that amazing cigar and thinking of the one man who would have really enjoyed that stick, my grandfather. He had passed away a few years before. I remember the distinct smell of the cigars he smoked, nothing but Fuente for him. When I was little the best thing was when he would let me blow his match out after lighting his cigar.

Now a cigar for me is more than just a time to kick back have a few drinks and enjoy a smoke. Now it's a short amount of time to remember the man who first made me wonder why? What's so good about a cigar, I have finally started to figure out what he knew all along... it's not always the cigar, it's the company you hold when you enjoy it, even if you are the only one around.

Chris ~ Boston, MA

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Dinner with three 'couple friends' had been a Christmas tradition for several years. It included my mates from high school with whom I'd remained close, and we chose to celebrate life during the holidays with our wives. During one annual event, our after dinner activities included a retreat to the restaurant bar which had a well-stocked humidor. One of my lads offered me a cigar – a Macanudo Portofino. Although not a smoker and not having tried a cigar before, I welcomed the experience. From first light to puff, I found smoking a cigar a revelatory event.

I consider my time smoking cigars now with these things in mind: rest, relaxation and reflection. Each moment I have the opportunity to enjoy a cigar is special. It all started with friends and fellowship, with people whose time I treasure.

Mike A. Hall ~ Durham, NC

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I started smoking cigars as a way to bond with my grandfather who was in the Navy. When I was younger, he would buy my cigars and now I buy him his. We both agree that the Alec Bradley brand is the best. His favorite is the Tempus and mine is in a 3-way-tie betwen the Mundial, the Fine & Rare, and the Black Market brands (Like I said, it's hard to choose from).

It's amazing how Alec Bradley has a brand to go with whatever mood you're in! Live True!

David ~ Washington, D.C.

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I had always wanted to be like my grandfather, who always had a pipe or a wine-dipped old port in his mouth. Besides backwoods and philly blunts I had never really had a 'real' cigar before. It wasn't until my first night in Cuba on a family vacation that I experienced the joy or a 'real' cigar. My first smoke was the Montecristo #4. I smoked every day of that trip and bought my first box to come home with.

Still young at the time, I often heard people whispering and received looks of disgust. Now I'm 32, and with 16 years of smoking I have a completely different appreciation level for a good cigar. I always try new things and like to figure out flavor profiles.

I don't listen to people who only smoke Cubans. While some are delicious, some don't stack up to some fantastic Dominican, Honduran or Nicaraguan sticks. Enjoy!

John ~ Markham, ON

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Being from the San Andres Valley I could say that I grew up with the tobacco as part of my life, but I started to enjoy cigars around 10 years ago. The last 2 years of my life have been more than stressful day after day I have to make decisions in my business, then I decided to include cigars as part of my problem. If I have to be fighting, what better way than being involved with a passion.

I have enjoyed hundreds of cigars in many special moments, but my best moments to smoke and enjoy a cigar is when I am alone or with another person in a quiet place and just enjoying a cigar as if it was part of a sacred ritual as the mayans.

I will never forget that one day in December 2013 when after couple months in my humidor I decided to try a cigar called Tempus Imperator. I am not a big fan of light/mild cigars therefore I had no big expectations about it. I can just describe smoking my first Tempus as a religious experience. This cigar full of flavour and rich sweet aromas is perfect for all kind of smokers and can be enjoyed also by new aficionados.

Enrique Espinosa ~ Stockholm Sweden

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In 2012, I was handed my first 'real' cigar. I wasn't sure what I was doing and had trouble with it at first. I didn't give up however and continued to try different cigars until I found a few that I really enjoyed and reached a point where I wouldn't cough up a lung trying to smoke! My first cigar launched me into a whole new world. The world of a cigar smoker, where few venture but all enjoy.

Being a part of this world has opened up so many doors both in my personal life and my work life. I have had the opportunity to meet amazing people, who have become lifelong friends, traveled to places such as Las Vegas, for the IPCPR, and even to factories in the Dominican Republic! I have cultivated a passion for cigars in a way that I would've never imagined. Cigars have become a part of me and I am grateful to the people who brought me into this world along with those who share the passion with me.

Cigar smoking is more than a hobby, or a habit. If done properly, it becomes a passion and an experience that will improve your life in so many ways. Smoke one & Live True!

Stephanie ~ Hollywood, FL

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In my teens, I'd always enjoy smoking a 'Honey Backwoods' or something like that and thought that was smoking a cigar. I then remember trying a Romeo Y Julieta and it knocked me on my butt. I spent the afternoon hugging the toilet.

Fast forward a few years now, I would still have the backwoods but one day a friend of mine asked if I had tried a 'real' cigar. I said that I had but had a horrible experience with it. He pulled out two Bolivars and cut them for us. I reluctantly grabbed it from him and went for it and this forever changed my life. The flavours that came out of this cigar were like none I had experienced before and I knew I was in for the long haul.

I am thankful for those manufacturers (like yourself) that really put as much effort as possible into making us premium cigars to enjoy.

Gord ~ Toronto

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